The Hunter Apartments Tenant Selection Policy


The Hunter Apartments LLC is a multifamily apartment complex located at 902 Henderson Dr. Ogden, Utah 84404. 
The mailing address for complex is:       The Hunter Apartments LLC
                                                                P.O. Box 3284
                                                                Ogden, UT 84409
A.       All applicants over the age of 18 must submit an application packet that
           they received from The Hunter Apartments LLC. These applications may
           be picked up in person or requested to be mailed.  No applications from
           other sources will be considered.

B.        The application packet contains: 
     1.         Application (one for each member over the age of 18)
     2.         Tenant selection policy

C.        All applicants over the age of 18 must provide valid photo identification
            (photo ID), Social Security Card, and a completed application.
     1.         To be considered valid the photo ID must be current and issued by a  
                 Federal or State agency of the United States of America. Identification
                 cards issued by foreign governments cannot be used for identification
     2.         A Driving Privilege Card issued by the Utah DMV, or the equivalent 
                 issued by another state, may not be used for identification purposes.
     3.         An Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) may not be used for
                 identification purposes.   

E.        All required signatures must be signed in the presence of management with
           a photo ID applicants had identification previously verified by management,
           or notarized by a licensed notary republic. 

F.         Denied applicants will be notified in writing. 
A.         CREDIT
     1.         A minimum of 50% of an applicants open trade lines must be
                 satisfactory.  For example if an applicant has ten open trade lines and
                 four are in arrears the applicant would still be eligible to rent depending
                 on the remainder of application criteria.  A trade line is considered open
                 if it currently holds a balance or was paid in full in the past two years.  
                 Paid in full and closed longer that two years ago does not constitute and
                 open trade line.
     2.         A minimum credit score of 600 is required.
     3.         Reasons a trade line may be considered unsatisfactory may include but
                 are not limited to:
          a.         Past due account.
          b.         An account that has placed for Collection.                                 
          c.         Profit and loss write-off.
     4.         Multiple bankruptcies are an automatic denial.
     5.         An open bankruptcy is an automatic denial.
     6.         Past due accounts to a utility company will bean automatic denial.
     7.         Monies owed to a prior landlord or Management Company will be an
                 automatic denial. 
     8.         The management of 425 Orchard Lane reserves the right to examine  
                 extenuating circumstances including but not limited to verifiable medical
                 issues and divorce with regards to a tenants credit history.
     1.         Reasons for an applicant to be denied based on criminal background
                 may include but are not limited to:
          a.         Convicted of a felonious or violent crime.           
          b.         Convicted of drug related offense, excluding DUI or DWI.
          c.         Convicted of a sex based crime.
          d.         History of alcohol related disturbances.  This may be an arrest,
                      conviction, or prior rental reference.
          e.         Any arrest related to:
               1.         The manufacture, distribution, or use of illegal or controlled
               2.         Any criminal act in which a firearm or weapon was used.
               3.         Prostitution.
     2.         Both applicants, tenants, and their guests must adhere to guidelines set
                 forth in the Ogden Cities Good Landlord Program (GLP). The GLP
                 defines unacceptable behavior and criminal activity as “convicted of any
                 crime involving any threat or damage to property or person, nor for any
                 crime which had it been committed on the landlord’s premises would
                 have disturbed the peaceful enjoyment of other tenants.”
     1.         The Hunter Apartments LLC requires a minimum of three years
                 verifiable rental history.  If the applicant does not have rental history for
                 this duration a co-signer may be required.  
     2.         Reasons for denial based on prior rental history may include but are not
                 limited to:
          a.         Previous eviction.
          b.         Having an outstanding judgment from a prior landlord.  This may
                      include monies owed based on back rent, damage to the unit, fees
                      and penalties, or any other monies owed to the past landlord.
          c.         Improper notice given to a prior landlord.  Any improper activities by
                      the applicant or their guests at a prior rental property as noted by the
                      prior landlord or Police that may constitute a public nuisance.    
  1. Tenant must have a gross income in excess of 3 times the rental      amount.
  2. Income will be verified by a minimum of 4 pay stubs.  
    1. The check stubs must be the most recent 4 pay periods.      
    2.  For employment based on commission, tips and self employment the previous year tax returns will satisfy income verification.
     3.  A housing voucher satisfies the INCOME VERIFICATION portion of the
          screening criteria but ALL other criteria must be addressed.
A.         An occupancy standard of a maximum of two persons per bedroom has
            been established.
A.         There will be a transfer waiting list held by management.  “Reasonable
            accommodation” transfer requests will be given priority.
B.        Only tenants in good standing will be considered for a unit transfer.
C.        An inspection of the unit will be completed before a tenant will be placed on
           the transfer list.
D.        There will be a non-refundable $200.00 transfer fee.
E.        Excessive damage to an existing unit will be grounds for denial of a unit
           transfer until the unit is repaired to satisfactory condition.  These repairs will
           be at the tenants expense.
F.         In a unit transfer the initial move in deposit will not transfer units.  The
            following steps will be completed, in order, once the transfer is approved.
            1.         The tenant will complete a transfer certification.
            2.         A new deposit will be established for the new unit.
            3.         The tenant must pay the new deposit in full.
            4.         The transfer fee must be paid in full.
            5.         The transfer is to be completed in a time frame agreed to by
            6.         The unit, once vacated, will be inspected.
            7.         The deposit, minus any non-normal wear and tear damage and
                        cleaning charges, will be refunded to the tenant. 
A.         It is our intent to comply with all legislation governing Civil Rights (Title VI of
            the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968)
            Executive Order 11063, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Fair
            Housing Amendments Act of 1988, and any other legislation currently or in
            the future that protects the individual rights of tenants, applicants and staff.
B.        The Hunter Apartments LLC does not discriminate based on race, color,
            sex, familial status, religion handicap, disability, national origin, or source of
            income, sexual orientation or gender identity.
C.        In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, The
            Hunter Apartments LLC will make appropriate reasonable accommodation
            for those applicants and/or residents with handicaps or disabilities.
A.         This complex adheres to the Federal Privacy Act of 1974 and intends to
            adhere to any future legislation.
B.        No information in our possession will be released without the written
           consent of the applicant or tenant.
C.        Any information dealing with a handicap or disability will be considered
           private and treated confidentially.
The Hunter Apartments LLC does not discriminate based on race, color, sex, familial status, religion handicap, disability, national origin, source of income, sexual orientation or gender identity.